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In the future, the world is a desert. On the east coast is a mega-metropolis city where criminals rule the streets. Justice only as a "judge" known. They hold all the power of judge, jury and Executioner. The people involved are all kinds of green to the scene of action, but the few things they have done all things are top shelf. Pete Travis is famous for VantagePoint, a drama film felony, his camera style bring a new aspect of the shooting and melee that often in Western cinema. Karl Urban brings to feel a sort Dredd rough, his face, even if it's just less than a quarter of it, expresses an aspect of "Should I kill with my hands quiet when you do not, at this time." Urban has a couple of action movies is red under his belt, and is working on a sequel Riddick. Above all, I am very excited about the role of Olivia Thirlby as a rookie Anderson, an innocence that seems unshakable, but the evidence seems to be the catalyst to harden in Anderson, we are accustomed.
Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is an elite team of U.S. law enforcement. He is known and feared throughout the city, where to get rid of all bad days. This time an epidemic of a dangerous drug, SLO-MO, widespread. To stop the groups involved in the sale of drugs, Dredd collaboration with Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), a powerful psychic. They found that Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) - the dealer - ruthless clan control and should stop. The war between Ma-Ma clan, and the judges are not avoided.
Dredd film is a far better, more intelligent and well done that someone had the right to respect. It 'almost everything is done properly. It 's really nice, even if in bad taste. It 's funny. But it is also disturbing and challenging.

(It 's also possible to seriously discuss without spoilers, so consider warned.)

There is no doubt that a lot of ink has been spilled Dredd fidelity to its source material. Dredd keeps his helmet (which is not the 1995 movie Judge Dredd, ignored by this reboot to say). Damned if you do not like Karl chin urban design Carlos Ezquerra look in some scenes. More importantly, his acting career is dead. Judge Anderson (here's a rookie) in a remarkably faithful contain (and memorable) representation. The film is a lot of Easter eggs for fans of visual references for artists like Brian Bolland, chopper referencing graffiti.

This does not mean that Dredd is an adaptation of bondage. The uniforms judges are changed a bit 'more practical and their bikes do not have the ridiculously large wheels that work in comic books, but they are not practical in the film. Presumably to give readers a sense of scale, Mega City One has redesigned. With more space for roads and the like between the towers of huge blocks that are more consistent

Managed Dredd (2012) Dredd screenshotBut be in the way that matters most faithful to the tone and spirit of the original.

The only exception is that the original stories Dredd had an irreverent, parodic tone. So when Dredd roamed the earth cursed, initially met a war between Western fast food restaurant (even if this story is no longer printed for legal reasons). These elements probably is not good at. In addition, many Dredd stories (including some of my favorites) does not contain these elements, so this is not a matter of changing the original sound as much as it comes to picking and choosing from the range of possible colors is available. In fact, given the long history of the many comic characters, this is often unavoidable.

For Judge Dredd, but other issues, the sound is so important that they are essential to the character. Before anything else, the political subtext and ethical. On the character and his world, making it impossible to read any simplistic Dredd as a hero
Why Americans can not write Dredd

The first thing is every fan's intelligent Judge Dredd tell you is that he is not a hero. Sure, you can be seduced by its fresh appearance, with his bike and be willing to violence with which he. Dispatches juvenile murderers and criminals But he is a police officer who is authorized to set up and execute criminals on the spot. He is famous for saying, "I am the law!" It 'an Enforcer for a fascist city-state, and as a hero, because the people who kill tend to be much worse. If you kill the terrorists, murderers and gangsters shop, it is difficult not to believe that the end justifies the means.

The Americans, in particular, often seem to miss this subtext. It is a curiosity often confusing, especially for the rest of the world that those who seem so often and with such passion to speak of freedom and constitutional rights seem too rapidly and completely from powerful figures who threaten merry the same rights and freedoms Seduction the names of some greater good - and sometimes even in the name of these freedoms.

We celebrate that. "Bad" as government agents or as a vigilante, real or imaginary, who bend or break the law in the name of stopping 's where the 24 °' s where a participant. And 'in every Steven Segal ever. Why is there in Inglourious Basterds, in which the Nazis tortured and killed returned okay because, well, they are Nazis. It 's there in the American West, which we have taught to see it as a story of courageous people are engraved. In a land without law

That 's where the American comics, dominated by tales of masked vigilantes to break the routine in private houses, beat and kill criminals without trial and without warning or interception warrants, impose order on the law.

No wonder, then, that Americans do not seem to understand that the law of Judge Dredd best performance is not necessarily bad. Or even that Dredd is a fascist symbol, and very often, a hero.

But it is precisely this tension, as one character Judge Dredd ago. And while this voltage is usually subtextual, with many of the most famous stories Dredd this issue more directly. Isolate this element of it, and Dredd is a futuristic Dirty Harry in a strange way to look - just robbed conflict with his superiors, the (coded and, in fact) rather than to support every act of violence.

It is no wonder that Americans rarely seem to be able to write well Dredd. They are conditioned to believe that the claim is the only one that Dredd is a badass futuristic cop, spouting tough-guy lines. The appeal is certainly there, but the implications are fascist, just beneath the surface that makes the character unique. To ignore this subtext is a little 'how to think the charm of Blade Runner is a cop shooting up cold renegade androids.

Without this subtext, Dredd is a second-class American comic book heroes. With them, is a powerful, one typically British. One, founded in the United States, which provides, among other things, a commentary powerful American comics and American culture.

No wonder, then, that in 1995 the adaptation of Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone seemed so lackluster. It's not a terrible movie, despite the many worthy sigh of elements. It is simply an Americanization that. Attractiveness of its history as a period of rest in its superficial elements that will be taken, to be cool and fun to own and are deprived of their original context and subtext understand

Dredd, a British production and South Africa, do not make the same mistake.

And this is. Much to his credit, in a genre that prefers its heroes simple and direct Iron Man Star Films could a drunk is usually bad irresponsible to steal the technology of mass destruction, but they are not really noticing. Nolan Batman film collapse of ethics, if you notice that Bruce philanthropy city of his father abandoned and pursued a career as a vigilante that his city is in danger. For Judge Dredd, but the moral ambiguity essential to the character.
Introduction Judge Dredd

From the beginning, the film takes a Dredd morally ambiguous. Looking for a car in motion, seems largely indifferent who are the criminals spray guns on the market. Its sole purpose is to catch the criminals. If the machine is pursuing a pedestrian who explodes in a bloody mess against the windshield, Dredd meets fresh takes the death of this "innocent" as an excuse to use deadly force.

In our society, every well-trained police officer would fall immediately to avoid further shots. Other police officers would divert traffic to civilians in the area. In many cities, the police to avoid high-speed pursuits, even if it means that criminals in freedom just because civilians killed so many times in such pursuits, such as the pedestrian is here. (The Other Guys also parodies the damage caused by movie scenes unrealistic one-sided pursuit.)

True, Dredd, the police ordered short-staffed, by themselves, which could slow down approaches such as cutting checkpoints conflicting traffic or device. But it is inevitable that Dredd shares some blame here, it seems to work properly only as the prosecution of offenders instead of putting the protection of the innocent around him, and the two are not obviously the same thing.

Dredd (2012) Motorcycles screenshotDredd then fire on the car, then tilt and push against the civilian population, who fled in time. Of course he could not know that would happen, and it can not be so inclined to forgive him, which was overturned wagon skidded into a family.

Criminals only survivors of the crash then goes on a rampage in a shopping center, and there are many images of people fleeing in panic and many other delicacies dead on the floor mall.

Applied at this point by the rules of police, our own, Dredd has failed miserably, his actions led to a massacre. If he is part of a local police remote, as he calls it, which would face a study in which you are likely to be exposed. On the contrary, there is no indication that they act out the policy, and walks through the center cold until you find the culprit - killed in an act of pointless sadism, with a "Hot Shot" from his weapon adaptable delivers the killer a painful (but visually exciting) death.

Of course he saved the hostage - and for which he shows little regard - thank you. It is, after all, he saved my life. But he created the situation that threatened to risk their lives in the first place, and it seemed very willing to be shot as long as he could "get his man." Not comfort her or tell her that he is welcome.

The result provides multiple targets at once. Of course it will be Judge Dredd, what we are. Opening a little 'action that shows us how to act like judges Dredd weapon works and gives us a glimpse of daily life in Mega City One The ordinance also establishes the medicine slo-mo, by the criminals in the car can be used. But it is also, without his drive on the face of the viewer, the ethical issues at the heart of Judge Dredd - and will continue this thematic thread throughout the film.
RoboCop and Dredd

In particular, for American viewers, the opening sequence may be more reminiscent of the traditional film RoboCop, do it on a cold and violent cops in a dystopian future neighbor. Robocop is working for a company amoral, the government has taken what Detroit. In a culture spiritually corrupt and ruthless capitalist Both the movie and the extreme violence and functionality Dredd stylized than its time. (Both RoboCop and Dredd comic books have elements that undermine this mock violence, even if these elements fall out of fashion in "serious" works and, perhaps for this Dredd not included.) And as Judge Dredd, the formula fails if the RoboCop his fascist subtext will be ignored or removed. E 'in this context, perhaps the closest American equivalent of Judge Dredd.

The correlation between RoboCop and Dredd is perhaps stronger at the end of the sequence, by introducing Dredd. We see a cleaning machine approach to a body on the mall on the ground, while a speaker announces the acquisition continues. No confirmation of life is over there yet (by invitation), we must suppose, one is expected.

This is a spectacular display of dehumanization mixed with the trade - a major theme of Robocop, but not Dredd. This is not the control Dredd non-performance of his subjects, but. Rather, it is an attempt to draw in the viewer, an understanding of how this society is debased. With regard to their respect for human life and the individual

Maybe they have some that are not recognized Dredd disregard for human life can this juxtaposition of this contempt with capitalism can be achieved. All you have to recognize that Dredd, as RoboCop itself is an executor of the system and its values.
Dredd morality

There are many other indications of problems ethic court system. For example, if Dredd and Anderson arrives at block Peach Tree, we learn that vagrancy is a crime. The wanderer (in a note that would be at home in RoboCop) holding a sign promised that he is willing to compromise on food is a further indication for the commercialization of human life. The dignity of man seems to be a foreign word. In dealing with the homeless, Dredd and Anderson reference no alternative for the homeless, such as (for example) a homeless shelter. This may seem incredibly inhumane, until we realize that many American cities have followed similar paths. Later the same tramp is killed, a fact that does not seem to affect also Dredd Anderson.

The first turning point occurs when ethical orders Dredd Anderson to perform an unarmed man - literally, since his horrific injuries. Of course, the man tried to kill Dredd and Anderson. He is so injured that his death would be a mercy killing. But Anderson hesitates.

The film thus recognizing the ethical implications of the situation. It 's inevitable that this is an ethical turn. It is worth noting, however, like many other cinema "heroes" bad injuries do without hesitation or any other ethical recognition on the part of the film.

The credit film, does not offer a convenient distraction to avoid the problem. Even soppy dialogue which has been shown to deteriorate while in line with public morality, is at odds with the characters and the society of the film otherwise. Instead, Anderson does, as you say.

It 'following orders.

His hesitation is understandable, even in such a society. Compliance with them is entirely understandable, too, and it's hard not to wonder if we have the courage to do otherwise would.

After all, their actions are entirely ethical, according to their company. (This is also probably one of the SS), non-compliance could be at risk, or who have destroyed their dream of a judge, and do not seem to have a fallback plan.

This kind of representation of an external system of ethics is an important part of what made the revival of Battlestar Galactica interesting, though often took his fists. This is not an action film, is remarkable. It can not be tested in focus groups.

Later, we see the widow of the man who died and his son in his house - but only Anderson makes the connection. It 'a convenient coincidence and some weak points of the film - although the random nature of the meeting is a bit' mitigated by his statement that her husband guard the same area.

It 'easy to see that Anderson from the fact that it is executed, the husband of the woman is disturbed - a fact even more pathetic that the widow will help the judges to keep them out of the region and therefore potentially save her husband's wife.

A racket is a gang leader has a family, and there is no evidence that he is a bad father - especially given the picture of smiling in her apartment. It is a radical recognition of an action movie in which "bad" clubs are often killed by the hundreds, with no indication that this takes the moral balance.

But it also suggests something deeper: the dead bat, which seems to be a good father, maybe just a racket have been due to the circumstances of the ghetto in which he lived - a place effectively without police, a gang Lord reigns, and other visible means of providing for his family.

Later, Anderson is in a different position in the sentence e Dredd asks a criminal. Faith has failed its assessment in any case, he chose to let go of the criminals. Said he wants a judge to make a difference, says now that the protection of this man can make a difference alone is capable of.

In a sentimental film, this could be syrupy. But it is easily done without violins. And it's hard to blame a film portrait of a character as overly sentimental, after giving them an unarmed man running

Your words make a difference, instead of syrupy, come from so deep. Dredd and Anderson does not fix is the life of those who do. Block Peach Tree Even if successful, could be another leader of a band replace Ma-Ma, bad end of the film. In fact, their rule was preceded by numerous wars between gangs such violence can also void left by their absence on the rise. It 's very difficult to know whether one has really helped in the long run, in any situation anywhere near as complicated as in real life. Ethically is to recognize this complexity.

But save a man who does not seem to be bad, has a purity all its own. It may not be possible to know what he makes of his life, when he was happy or if added to the network is flourishing of those who met him. But that was the case now, and there is a purity and a beauty and clarity that, no matter how small they are also in a broader framework.

The arrival of the four corrupt judges can rightly be considered one of the weakest films that do not suspect corruption, and it is not entirely clear how Ma-Ma knew to call the judge, especially since we were told that the judges did not participate to block often. The four corrupt judges can still be heard as another obstacle in the way of Dredd and Anderson to launch, and not significantly alter the activity in which they are not only an integral part.

However, the four judges are corrupt ethical continue the thread film. Dredd in the comics has corrupt judges met several times, and these meetings have played a role in his doubts slow developing court system. While there are multiple instances, as the national and the Society of Mega City One does not comply with our ethics have seen, we have no evidence that the system can not be the judge to see with their own ethics.

This is an important point, but subtle. Eventually, after the climax, where the villain Ma-Ma is killed, Anderson acknowledges that it has failed in its evaluation and leaves. According to the rules, Dredd has listed for them and for the public, this is undoubtedly the case. But Dredd (predictable, it must be said), he said that the Chief Judge Anderson past.

We can assume that it is tied to her, on the harrowing events of the film. It has certainly seen their skills on the field. But it is also the case that saw Dredd corruption within the judiciary, and it is hard to imagine that this does not help his decision has violated their code.

In accordance with the way in which changes only slowly Stoics Dredd in the comics, is his choice, in the end, it is not a revelation. Does not go against the system or turn rogue judge. Nothing is so melodramatic. On the contrary, he is again. And his last word story is subtly altered by his narrative opening speech that thing. Change the accent or a slight change in its values

But for Anderson - and for those who can go to - such as a single word can make a difference.

Dredd is ethically reveal its code, and perhaps even a crime. Its infringement is lower than that of the four judges dishonest that betray their code, but is the same type. Moral point of view, however, Dredd has set a good person of its strict code of ethics.

There is a crack in his vision of the world is overwhelming it. But there is this difference, though subtle, which frames the entire film - which suggests that it should be the key to our interpretation.

Dredd looks just like an action movie. Offers on this point, mixing beauty and violence with the best film.

The subtext, in accordance with the comics is a study of power and authority, society and the individual, and perhaps the fascist impulse inherent superheroes and action heroes to others.

But in his heart Dredd is a morality play. To change, and perhaps an example of how people usually do not. By epiphanies great, but for a variety of problems, a series of word choice, a series of small, subtle variations DREDD.

There are some things that go on me as taking a comic book nerd, and no, not the over-saturation of "innovation" that plagues my favorite heroes. The glimmer of hope I'm talking about is when comics to get an accurate representation of the film. There are few (if any) that have the same feeling of the comic seems Dredd one of these short films. Also, bring the dark, gritty, post-apocalyptic feel, seem to have forgotten that the film Stallone. Granted, it is mentioned at the beginning of the film, but you lose the rest of the film. Pete Travis (Vantage Point) seems to support the mood of the entire film in dust and dirt, there is that feeling gloomy that the comic was famous. Dredd also feels less like an action movie campy and more like a dark crime noir.
The story fits in with the atmosphere great noir crime takes a rookie Judge Dredd Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) and trying to bring down a gang that is flooding the streets of a futuristic city with a drug called reality Slo-Mo, chaos and the ball hell did. In addition to being a serious film as part of his 1995 film meter looks very nice and the effects of Slo-Mo are so beautiful it makes me want to be a success. Watch the trailer ... after you finish reading this, of course.

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